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Friends only. [Jan. 14th, 2020|12:56 am]

From "now" on this journal will be mostly friends only.
Now some of you might think that I have some secrets. Well I don't, not that much at least. I just decided to make my journal friends only so, like oh so many friends of mine, I could keep track on people who... "stalk" me :D
The truth is that I just want to do it because almost everyone does it xD

Tell me a story (= comment) if you'd like to be added. I add easily and I would love to know where we've met if I don't know that already~
Or why you'd like to read my journal which mostly contains random rambling about my not-so-interesting personal life. Sometimes I tell about my friends and what we did together, sometimes I write about movies, games, parapara and/or cosplay etc. The usual.

I write mostly in Finnish but there might be some posts in English too.
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