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[Biological freak]

sushizume wa pika pikaaa desu~!

12 December 1988
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Name: Stina, Sutina, Enkel, sushizume, sarumi, suzhi and some even (STILL) call me Naruto ;_;
Nowadays I'm a university student in Worcester (England), although I originate from Finland.
What I do here? Well, glad you asked ;D
I am a drama student and in my free time (which I happen to have surprisingly lot since I am a first year student) I watch movies, read some nice fanfiction, dance, train and/or try do draw something. I'm also half-gay x) I'm also waiting for the "Feffiroff is love" to be fixed <3
I also have a blog, which is more of "life-style" than ranting like this one :D Remember to also check my dA!

And btw, my interests are NOT in a specific order.

Feffiroff is love | by donnafreak

Das Thingy I found from lampu's journal.
Here I put quotes of what people have said about me:
lampu: I think you're a really nice person, and you're great to be with! I haven't really gotten to talk with you in IRL, but when we've spoken, i've really enjoyed it! ♥
nefalkariel: "Stinan elämä on musikaali."